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Decibel readings of extractor fan operating in Ivey Hall

posted on 2022-02-13, 20:21 authored by Lincoln University Learning, Teaching and Library
A large extractor fan in the library at Lincoln University can be used to improve the building's ventilation, however it is noisy and prone to startling staff and students. On the 2nd February 2022 (while few students were in the building) a group of library staff took decibel readings at different locations in the library to identify the quieter and noisier areas.

"Decibel raw readings" file: Each staff member filled out one groundplan on either level 0 (ground floor), level 1, or level 2. Most staff used the "Sound Meter" app by Splend Apps on a personal Android cellphone but one staff member used an app on an iPhone. A few "normal"/"silent" measurements were taken before the fans were turned on for comparison purposes, however in term time some of these areas may be noisier with study group conversations.

"Decibel summary" file: The raw readings were summarised on a set of floorplans to act as a visual guide to students, erring towards higher readings if there was disagreement. The key is on the first page with each colour indicating a 10dB range. Stripes indicate readings with some uncertainty on the border between bands.


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