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Meteorological observations at Lincoln: 1996

posted on 2019-07-09, 01:45 authored by Lincoln University
Lincoln meteorological observations have been taken at a range of sites over the years. A NIWA report (Mullan, A.B; Stuart, S.J; Hadfield, M.G; Smith, M.J (2010). Report on the Review of NIWA's 'Seven-Station' Temperature Series. NIWA Information Series No. 78. pp.129-154) records a number of these along with the work undertaken to reconcile the data between different sites. It is not yet clear which site(s) these measurements were taken at as we have not yet identified a correspondence with NIWA's records.

The datasets had been stored as .DAT files. The .DAT files have been uploaded as is, and also standardised and converted into .csv format.

Headers: The original .DAT files were stored without headers. Most of these could be recovered for the .csv by running the data through an old program that had been used in conjunction with the data, but one column remains "unknown".

Missing data: In the .DAT files, missing measurements are variously recorded, depending on context, as 0, -9, -99 or (in the case of Cloud cover) 9. In the .csv these values have been removed and left blank.

Units are most likely:

* solar radiation - probably MJ/m2 (megajoules per square metre)
* temperatures - Celsius (in early years possibly converted from an original measurement in Fahrenheit)
* rainfall - millimetres
* cloud - oktas (eighths of the sky taken up by cloud)
* wind run - kilometres
* vapour pressure - probably Pa (pascals)


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