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Motivations and satisfaction of New Zealand domestic tourists

posted on 2022-01-17, 02:18 authored by Gillian LawsonGillian Lawson, David DeanDavid Dean, Yuqing He, Xinghua Huang
Increased tourist pressures can cause deterioration of nature-based tourist destinations and adversely affect visitor satisfaction. This study aims to identify how public participation using mobile devices on-site, can assist in assessing future design scenarios for a popular nature-based destination, within a short day trip from Christchurch in Aotearoa New Zealand. An online survey using participants’ mobile devices at Kura Tāwhiti Castle Hill Rocks identified domestic tourists’ motivational, satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors that were associated with age and visit frequency at the destination. These factors were linked to site experiences, particularly being out in nature, that could be used to design future scenarios for similar nature-based settings in Aotearoa New Zealand. Four future scenarios using 2D photomontages were used to rank domestic visitor preferences for changing path and tracks, fencing, signage, structures and people. The study found that the low impact scenario with the least people was the most desirable. This high level of sensitivity of New Zealanders to change at outdoor recreational destinations suggests that nature-based settings must be designed and managed with considerable care to minimize the perception of over-crowding and deterioration of the site experience, particular for return visitors.