Meteorological observations at Lincoln: 1960 - 2011

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Lincoln meteorological observations have been taken at a range of sites over the years. A NIWA report (Mullan, A.B; Stuart, S.J; Hadfield, M.G; Smith, M.J (2010). Report on the Review of NIWA's 'Seven-Station' Temperature Series. NIWA Information Series No. 78. pp.129-154) records a number of these along with the work undertaken to reconcile the data between different sites. It is not yet clear which site(s) these measurements were taken at as we have not yet identified a correspondence with NIWA's records.<br><div><br></div><div>Observations at Lincoln were recorded by hand from 1881 - 1971. Many of these old logbooks have been scanned and made available at<br></div>

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